Solutions for Universities

We combine experience with science to obtain excellent working tools.

We are fully aware of the fact that most innovations are engendered at universities. That’s why we invest in the development of Polish science, delivering software to the largest teaching hospitals in Poland. Our solutions include a repository of medical data or imaging data, so that university medical centers can improve their operation and enhance the quality of student education.

With a team of over 100 software developers we are able to create almost any type of medical software. We also boast expertise and experience in systems integration.

We support universities in key medical areas on an a daily basis:

  • Teaching – support for the educational process of students and academics.
  • Corporate Governance – support for reporting and data presentation needed to monitor subordinate hospitals.
  • Medical Data Repository – creating a digital data repository.
  • Medical Analysis System – based on data collected from the medical repository and the corporate governance system.

We are open for cooperation. Feel free to contact us. We will answer your questions and dispel any doubts.