Regional Solutions

Because all facilities in the network should operate equally effectively.

At CGM we know very well that managing a group of individual facilities requires specific tools and resources. In order to meet the expectations of network managers we have created dedicated IT solutions.

Our proposed Regional System allows a rational management of employees, finances and services. The RIS consists of 4 components that complement one another:

  • Corporate Governance System – supporting the management of subordinate units,
  • The Regional Health Policy – supporting the process of creating health policy,
  • e-Services – a platform of exchange of medical data between medical units that provides information to patients,
  • Teleradiology – a system supporting the process of consultation in the field of diagnostic imaging.

Our solutions are in line with European Union directives and objectives of Poland’s Informatization Strategy. Among other solutions, those offered by CompuGroup Medical Polska are distinguished by much faster reporting of subordinate units or more effective planning. A common platform for all units in the region makes it easy to work and compare data.

If you wish to improve the operation of the network of facilities, or learn more about the RIS, please contact us.