Requirements may change daily, but at least the answer is always the same:


PM ABACUS is the ideal system for medium-sized set-ups with between 5 and 25 terminals (entrance and exit, automatic pay station, point of sales …) with the option of integrating these into a larger network at a later date. Irrespective of the size of the project: PM ABACUS is the economical and above all the future-proof solution that protects your investments in an ideal manner.
The core component of the PM Abacus system is known as the Multicon. It is distinguished by very high processing speeds and its reliability in the most demanding circumstances. The Multicon has a proven lifespan of at least 400,000 tickets.
• Full Ethernet network
• Cards preparing and producing
• Tariff simulation based on real data
• Unlimited storage of single transactions
• Full ticket tracking
• >20 standard reports (WebReport)
• Full integration of 3rd party products (LPR, CCTV)

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