Many daily challenges – one solution

How about implementing solutions that make the operation of an outpatient clinic even more effective? No extra costs, increasing the efficiency of cooperation between the different clinic departments … Finally, offering patients top quality medical services.

A breakthrough for an outpatient clinic

Informatization of a facility using our solutions will allow you to improve the operation of the outpatient clinic – starting from registration, through patient diagnostics to record keeping. With CMG CLININET AIS, your clinic will soar to a higher level of medical services. Designed in collaboration of software developers and experienced doctors and outpatient clinic personnel, CGM CLININET AIS meets the needs of all clinics. The modular structure allows you to manage the facility in a number of areas – the system can replace traditional solutions for good.

Great possibilities of a small outpatient clinic

Every medical facility, even the smallest outpatient clinic, needs proven and effective working methods. In such competitive times it is important to maximally optimize every operational aspect. CGM CLININET will not only enable managing the operation of many consultation rooms at the same time but will also optimize costs and shorten the time needed to serve patient. CGM CLININET AIS is one of our most functional systems delivered into your hands.

For more information about the system, please contact us. Together we will provide patient care they deserve.