Outpatient clinic

Manage an outpatient clinic using a system tailored to its needs.

Offer patients the highest quality service.

Every day, your outpatient clinic employees encounter numerous problems. At a time when the effectiveness of a clinic is determined by nuances, you should look for solutions to improve the operation of your facility. They boost the efficiency of the staff’s workflow, reduce the time of patient service and lower the facility’s maintenance costs. All this results is what matters most – i.e. patient satisfaction with professional healthcare.

At CompuGroup Medical Polska we are fully aware of the fact that all measures should be informed and standardized. As a result, your clinic will become a place where operations and funds are reasonably planned and the doctors and staff have more time to devote to their patients.

CGM Polska will provide you with all the tools that will help comprehensively manage the operation of an outpatient clinic – from registration, booking doctors’ appointments to sharing examination results among many professionals.

A modern outpatient clinic? Only with CGM Polska