LED displays Maintenance and Support

Linsn, Nova, Zdec and many other technologies

Products from any manufacturer: Unilumin, LightKing, MrLed, DarkLight, Barco, Everlasting, Dicolor, LedSys, NeoNeon, Leyard, Yaham, V-Team …

More then 1000 LED panels repaired in our service:
P40 LED Mash, NeoNeon – Over 300 panels
P16 Outdoor, LedSys – Over 50 panels
P10 Indoor, Kentsun – Over 50 panels
P10 Indoor, Darklight – Over 200 panels
P7.62 Indoor, MrLed – Over 400 panels
P7.62 Indoor, Sage – Over 50 panels
P6.25 Indoor, Lightking – Over 10 panels