tranSpeed – Long range identification system

The tranSpeed family is a modular solution in which a total system can be built with different components which are easy to setup and use. The components are all designed to work seamlessly with each other right from the fixing brackets through to the intuitive software.
All the components are available to OEMs (manufacturers) and system integrators, who are able to incorporate tranSpeed components to provide powerful solutions for parking management, payment applications or simply to integrate the tranSpeed products in a building management or access control system.
• Passive and active solutions
• IR motion detector
• Adjustable reading range
• Status provided by high visibility LEDs
• Standalone or networkable
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TPG55XX – active card tag
A family of 2.45 GHz active transponders for use with the TSG60 long range reader. These transponders are fully encapsulated in a robust housing that has the footprint similar to standard ISO card. Battery life is guaranteed for 5 years. The transponders are available with a choice of secondary technologies enabling use the latest smartcard technology in the same card to complement an existing system.

TPG65XX – active heavy duty tag
TPG65XX – active heavy duty tag A series of 2.45 GHz heavy duty transponders that are durable and totally weatherproof. Ideal for applications which are in harsh environmental conditions. All 2.45 GHz transponders for use with the TSG60 can be combined with popular smart card technologies. These double technology transponders can incorporate mifare®, HID, 3-Des or AES encrypted card technologies. Encoding the smart card section with the same number as the long range element means that the card can be used on more conventional short range readers as found on access control and time and attendance systems. Handheld readers can also be used to verify the card holder and the cars parked on your premises.

TPU3060 – UHF windshield tag
A thin and flexible label allowing quick and easy mounting to the inside of a vehicle windscreen. The TPU3060 series of tags have been optimised to work specifically on a glass surface.

TPU3050 – UHF ISO smart card
TPU3050 – UHF ISO smart card A passive ISO credit card sized transponder suitable for use with the TSU25 medium range reader. The transponder obtains energy from the reader field so no batteries are required thereby providing a very cost effective and long life solution for many applications.



TSG60 – The long range reader
A compact reader designed for outdoor use providing reading distances up to 8 metres using long life active transponders. The reader has a well defined adjustable reading distance making it suitable for lane control in installations where multiple readers are used. Also suitable for high object speeds. The TSG60 is ideal for vehicle, train and container identification. It‘s modern sleek design means it does not look out of place. TSU35

TSU35 – for maximum reading range
TSU25 – for optimal reading range
UHF-Readers conforming to the ISO 18000-6 and latest global RFID standards utilize passive (battery-less) UHF transponders. The readers are ideal for parking applications and are easily interchangeable by a simply connection plug. Large LEDs provide clear visible information for access granted of denied. An optional motion sensor activates the UHF antenna as needed allowing several readers to work together without interfering with each other.


IDC and IPC controller

Two controller options that can work together or independently. The IPC is a true IP controller with built in web server so you only need a web browser to access it from anywhere in the world. This also avoids the need to install special software. The IDC controller’s configuration is done using the tranSpeed Commander Windows® software.
Both controllers support up to two readers making them ideal for gates, barriers or lights. The controllers can be networked together to control up to 16 entrances. The powerful web based IPC can be used as the master to control 16 IDC controllers.