We deliver solutions supporting the introduction of the ISO standards

Upgrading skills of the team and customizing the facility to high standards is a laborious and costly process. To guarantee that the transformation of your medical facility is smooth and orderly, suitable supervision tools are worth investing in.

Using the CGM QM ASSIST software you get access to the newest solutions in the field of managing the introduction of international standards. Our solution supports many types of quality management systems, among others DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, QEP®(KBV), KPQM (KVWL) or (KV Nordhein) and many more.

The functionalities of our system will allow you not only to create and archive documents but also connect them in groups, follow their development, specify their access or to authorize with an electronic signature. Everything to lower the costs of introducing the costs of the introduction of quality management system by facilitating the whole process.

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