Optimization of medical expenses is easier than it seems

Detailed analyses, reports, prognoses and tips will help.

In order to reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of treating the patients every decision should be carefully analysed. Instead of incurring the costs of additional actions this issue can be delegated to an intelligent system based on the newest algorithms. We have created it based on the experience gained in foreign medical facilities. Today we successfully introduce it to the Polish market.

CGM OPTYMALIZATOR software is not similar to the programmes currently available on the market. In addition to the possibility of imposing a homogeneous patient groups and calculate their point values, the system suggests how to conduct further action. It is all thanks to the suggestions of changes in coding which allow for setting coding more beneficial for a hospital. What is more the CGM OPTYMALIZATOR allows for predicting the grouping and increasing the cost-effectiveness of patient’s episodes.

The application of the system can be used everywhere – it only needs Internet access. It is important when optimization of many facilities of the same chain is needed.

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