Manage the hospital in a comprehensive manner

The best solutions for a hospital are those that improve the operation of a facility while lowering its operating costs. The introduction of innovations must go hand in hand with an improvement in the quality of services – your patients deserve the best.

A modern hospital

These days a medical facility should be guided in the direction of digitization. Since the transition to digital hospital management is imminent, we have decided to provide our customers with an appropriate tool. CGM CLININET is an excellent example of cooperation between doctors and experienced software developers. The resultant software allows you to manage the operation of the hospital while maintaining maximum security.

A well prescribed success

The system is designed to enable the management of the hospital’s daily operation. CGM CLININET facilitates the coordination of every department, from the front desk, medical rooms, the emergency department, the operating theater to medical transportation. The integration with mobile technologies will enable the personnel to work from any location. The management of individual modules is intuitive, allowing you to save time – without having to deal with stacks of documents. Simply adjust the types of the required modules to the needs of the facility for the hospital to assist patients more effectively.

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