With our software, you can clearly see the situation of your medical facility

It is difficult to draw constructive conclusions based on bare information. With transparent variables, it is easier to compare data and make predictions for the coming months. Thanks to a clear presentation of information, everything becomes as clear as ever.

I can see clearly now

Until now, the presentation of aggregates in tables wasn’t enough to illustrate the actual scale of the phenomena occurring in a medical facility. With the CGM CLININET BI Business intelligence system, all the information can be presented in a graphic form. This will make examination results even more transparent and understandable to hospital managers.

Business Intelligence

CGM CLININET BI is a response to social responsibility demands in the medical sector. Through the use of diverse forms of data presentation, the analysis becomes more comprehensive and elicits more insightful observations. This directly contributes to taking informed measures toward the hospital’s development. In addition, the administration of CGM CLININET BI is fabulously simple and is carried out through an intuitive managerial interface.

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