· ɸ30mm led tube, ɸ50mm LED tube, curve Milky/Clear giving 180° viewing
· 1 pixel/m, 8 pixel/m, 16 pixel/m, 32 pixel/m, high manifestation and visual impact
· High Brightness and long service life LED
· DC 12V / DC 24V input
· IP65 waterproof with good design of the housing
· 44 Frame/second, DMX address setting manually or automatically
· Easy control with DMX SD card control or Online Venus/Luna 8/16 and DMX DVI LED control
· Easy to install


· Outline profile decoration
· Interior design for clubs, museums, themed environments
· Stage video elements for intimate or large concert productions
· Television awards and game shows
· Video Art projects


Parameters Description
Model LWS-RGBLT10003035-DMX-12V3216 LWS-RGBLT10005050-DMX-12V3216 LWS-RGBLT10005050-DMX-12V4816
Diameter 30mm 50mm 50mm
Length 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
LED 32 * SMD RGB 5050 32 * SMD RGB 5050 48 * SMD RGB 5050
Pixel QTY 16 16 16
Operating Voltage DC 12V DC 12V DC 12V
Power 12 W 12 W 12 W
Control Mode DMX 512 DMX 512 DMX 512
Address Setting Auto/Manually Auto/Manually Auto/Manually
LED Source Life 50,000hours,based on LED manufacturers’ test data
Base Material Aluminum Base
Cover type Milky/ Clear line Milky/ Clear Milky/ Clear
Temperature -4℉ to 122℉(-20℃ to 50℃) operating temperature
Humidity Range 0 to 95% non-condensing
Protection IP40 IP65 IP65


Ordering informations

DMX Tube Model Details
LWS-RGBLT10003035-DMX-12V3216 32 leds, 16 pixel, 48 dmx channels, DC 12V, 12W, ɸ30mm housing, IP40
LWS-RGBLT10005050-DMX-12V3216 32 leds, 16 pixel, 48 dmx channels, DC 12V, 12W, ɸ50mm housing, IP65
LWS-RGBLT10005050-DMX-12V4816 48 leds, 16 pixel, 48 dmx channels, DC 12V, 12W, ɸ50mm housing, IP65
LWS-RGBLT10005050-DMX-12V3232 32 leds, 32 pixel, 96 dmx channels, DC 12V, 12W, ɸ50mm housing, IP65
LWS-RGBLT10005050-DMX-24V4808 48 leds, 8 pixel, 24 dmx channels, DC 24V, 12W, ɸ50mm housing, IP65
LWS-RGBLT10005050-DMX-24V7212 72 leds, 12 pixel, 36 dmx channels, DC 24V, 12W, ɸ50mm housing, IP65

DMX Digital LED Tube Samples