These days, proven and secure tools are the basis for the functioning of a modern diagnostic facility

Scalability of CGM NETRAAD brings cost-effective solutions – regardless of the size of the facility.

Increasing competition in the medical market requires continuous development. With modern solutions your facility stands a good chance of becoming a leader, not only in the local market. This entails not only greater opportunities, but also greater patient satisfaction.

Many years of experience in the market of medical IT and the expertise derived from the daily work of professionals contributed to the development of CGM NETRAAD. The main aim while creating the project was to reduce costs. All due to streamlining activities and the transition to a fully filmless operation of diagnostic facilities. We have been able to achieve the objective we dreamed of.

An orderly electronic patient record will make your operation film and traditional image-free. CGM NETRAAD means order and intuitive usage in one. With access to CGM NETRAAD, you gain access to four functional and fully integrated modules. They will help you organize your knowledge and consequently improve the quality of service. Patient satisfaction is the primary goal for you and us both.

A PACS image archive will store all diagnostic images, and the RIS will add sheer pleasure to the management of a diagnostic facility. With our online CGM NETRAAD Web system, you can use the diagnostic procedure room resources from any location. This way you can help many patients, whom you weren’t able to help as easily until now.

The main modules are also complemented by CGM ENDORAAD. It was created specifically to enable digitization of endoscopy and ultrasound procedure rooms.

Do you need anything more? We recommend CWT– a teleradiological system, enabling diagnostics at a distance as an add-on.

Introducing CGM NETRAAD is the best way to safely implement IT-based solutions at your diagnostic imaging facility or procedure room.

Do you need more information? Please contact us – together we will provide patient care they deserve.