Time and distance are no longer relevant

If patients require immediate attention, they deserve professional help. Even if it has to come from the other end of the world.

Modern means of communication can help treat patients more effectively. Rare cases, unclear examination results and a need for consultation with a specialist who is currently away from the hospital are no longer a problem.

Introducing CMG CWT (Central Teleradiological Node). This latest 21st technology solution will allow you to cooperate with the best specialists. Using CMG CWT you do not have to worry about the barriers of time and space. The system allows you to communicate with specialists, even if they are on the other side of the globe. This is especially important when patients’ health and lives are at stake.

CGM CWT utilizes technologies which enable, among others, sharing files and diagnostic images or generating detailed reports on the procedure. CGM CWT is the future of medicine that you can implement in your hospital today.

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